Adult Survivors Continuing Relationships with Abusive Family (Pandy's)
  • Links to a Pandora's Aquarium article about why adult survivors of CSA might continue to have (or even depend on) relationships with the family that abused her
A Man's Guide to Helping a Woman Who Has Been Raped (Matt Atkinson) (.pdf)
  • This links to a great, shortish (18 pages) .pdf by Matt Atkinson who does great work and has other great writing.
  • I have been told that the above link does not always work. If you are having trouble, try going to Matt Atkinson's resources page and clicking on the link to the .PDF there (this booklet is the about 5th one down).
Child Rape: For Survivors and Interested Others (Pandy's)
  • An informative article from Pandora's Aquarium
Common Responses to Trauma - And Coping Strategies (Pandy's)
  • From Pandora's Aquarium
Countering Self-Blame After Sexual Violence (Pandy's)
  • Some reasons why survivors self-blame and ways to counter them
Eight Common Myths About Child Sexual Abuse (The Leadership Council)
  • From the Leadership Council on Child Abuse & Interpersonal Violence
Forms of Secondary Wounding and Overcoming Secondary Wounding Exercises: Help for Rape and Sexual Abuse Victims & Survivors (Pandy's)
  • Another from Pandora's Aquarium...because we've all managed to trust with our story those people who are so callous and say exactly the wrong thing(s)
Grounding Exercises (Pandy's)
  • Some ideas for grounding exercises when triggered; from Pandora's Aquarium
If You are Healing from Sexual Assault/Abuse, Read this Every Morning (Pandy's)
  • Wonderful article from Pandora's Aquarium. Print it out, save it, write it down- just read it :)
Letters to Survivors: Words of Comfort for Women Recovering from Rape (Matt Atkinson)
  • This is a book compiled by Matt Atkinson, but written mainly by survivors of R/CSA/SA. It is a compilation of what other survivors would like you to know, an outpouting of love and acceptance. It can be bought through that link or found on It is a great book full of positive messages from women who have been there.
Low Self Esteem & Relationships: How to Reclaim Yourself (Pandy's)
  • Article from Pandora's Aquarium
Matt Atkinson's Resource Page
  • From his web site for his book, Resurrection After Rape. Also check out his useful links page here, both pages have helpful resources for survivors as well as friends and family.
Overcoming the Fear of Saying No (Pandy's)
  • Article from Pandora's Aquarium about why some survivors fear saying no in relationships (not just intimate ones- with coworkers, families, etc as well) and tips to overcome this fear
Pandora's Aquarium
  • Pandy's is an online community offering resources (many of which are available to non-members) and a message board and chat room for survivors and secondary survivors (friends, family, partners) of sexual violence. It is a great resource for those looking for information or looking to connect and share experiences with others going through a similar situation.
  • Check out the resources page here
Rape Trauma Syndrome: The Journey to Healing Belongs to Everyone (Amy Menna)
  • This article by Amy Menna, PhD, LMHC, CAP, is from the PTSD resources site "Gifts from Within"
Resurrection After Rape (Matt Atkinson)
  • This links to a page where you can download a free (watermarked) .pdf of Matt Atkinson's book or buy a hard copy of the book (for $19.99). I cannot say how insightful his writings are.
Secret Survivors: Uncovering Incest and its Aftereffects in Women (E. Sue Blume)
  • Link goes to page for the book where you can buy it for a few dollars. A great book.
Tips for Partners, Friends, and Family of Rape and Sexual Abuse Survivors (Pandy's)
  • Another good resource from Pandora's Aquarium
Understanding Why You "Didn't Tell" (Pandy's)
  • Link to an article from Pandora's Aquarium about why survivors of CSA most often don't tell anyone about the abuse