Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SI (sortof), Forgetting, Anger

Last night was so bad. Body memories and crying and my eyes are very puffy this morning. I am really struggling. I keep picking the scabs on my head and picking them again and they hurt so bad and bleed and I just can't stop. And it hurts to even wash and brush my hair; and I can't even ask about it or talk about it on Pandy's because they changed their posting guidelines in that forum.

Trying to stay strong and be gentle with myself. I didn't take the antidepressants for like 3 days in a row because my throat was really hurting and the pills are huge, maybe that is my problem. Took them today, only have one left and I have to refill them tomorrow and I am not sure if my insurance will still cover it (insurance is going to be changing, one will be running out before the other takes effect) and it will cost $ that is adding to the stress. Backtracking a little- I think maybe part of why my  throat has been hurting is because the lymph nodes on the back of my neck/head are swollen because of all the scabs on my scalp.

I don't know how to stop remembering, or how to make my body stop remembering. People say, don't let it control you, don't think about it, forget about it, get over it, just don't let it happen....

Dealing with a lot of anger. Well, I have always had a lot of anger I suppose, just wasn't really aware of it. Trying to figure out, with M, how to constructively let it out of my system so it stops sitting in there seething.


  1. I do that scab thing! I thought I was the only one!! Scabs all over my scalp and I keep re picking them off, it is horrible. I have often wondered why I do it. I just can't seem not to. I have begun to wash my hair in Head and Shoulders for irritated scalps and it has begun to help heal all but two areas. Which I still pick at - scars that have been there for two years now, scabbing away.
    Living at home, your body is GOING to remember, how can it not? I too am having agonising body memories, but maybe think of it as progress, the body is screaming for your head to hear it, it is insisting you take this seriously, so do. Hear your body, talk about it, cry and get angry, Go girl - you can do it.

  2. and sending you hugs too. Lots of hugs.


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